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Experience the Spirit of
Wabi and Sabi through Tea

Masako Koike Sohga
 Do you ever feel like taking a break from the rush of activities and pausing for a tasty and elegant cup of tea? That cup of tea can calm your spirits and create a special moment in your day. And what fun it is to entertain guests with a tasty cup of tea!

 Sohga-an, situated in 57th Street in mid-town Manhattan, teaches the Omotesenke Way of Tea. It is a peaceful tea room awaiting people who are seeking a moment of calm in their busy lives.

 The "Tea Ceremony" or The Way of Tea" may sound intimidating and complicated, but that is not actually so. The real aim of Chanoyu is to make our daily lives richer. The study of the various procedures and movements involved in making and serving tea are merely means to that end.

 The Omotesenke School of Tea is directly descended from Sen no Rikyu (1522 - 1591), the man who gave Chanoyu its current shape. It teaches a fluid and natural style of Tea that is beautiful and refined. Studying Omotesenke Tea can bring richness and pleasure to oneユs life. Why don't you join us and give it a try!

Masako Sohga Koike Fushin-an Omotesenke Professor
  Sohga-an Head
  Omotesenke Domonkai Eastern Regeion, U.S.A.